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Does the Food You Eat Nourish You?

Aug 19 2014 01:43 AM | puritanize in Thyroid Health

In the quest to heal my thyroid naturally, I first had to ask myself, does the food I eat nourish my body? Although the foods I eat are typically local, free range meats and of course organic, what were my stumbling blocks and were those foods really w...

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Thyroid Auto-Immune Diet Basics

Feb 04 2014 02:38 AM | puritanize in Thyroid Health

If you have thyroid problems, you may likely have an auto-immune disease, thus making it a necessity to have the proper diet. Most functional health care practitioners that have found the most success helping auto-immune thyroid patients heal demand th...

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What Causes a Goiter?

Nov 25 2013 05:17 PM | puritanize in Thyroid Health

Before we state what causes a goiter, we will briefly describe what it is. Basically a goiter is too much tissue growth of the thyroid. It is not a swelling of the thyroid like many think. In the US the most common cause of this is people with Hashimot...

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High Goitrogen Foods Bad for the Thyroid

Nov 15 2013 03:55 PM | puritanize in Thyroid Health

Many times people fail to change their diet when they have thyroid problems. Our diets can make or break our health. One such diet change that someone with thyroid issues may want to consider watching out for is goitrogens. This is even more of a food...

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Hashimoto's, Common Hypothyroid Condition a...

Nov 10 2013 06:24 PM | puritanize in Hashimoto's

Hashimoto's in the United States is by far the biggest cause of hypothyroidism. So what is it? From Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology regarding hypothyroid patients, “The thyroid glands of most of these patients first have autoimmune “thyroiditis...

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Common Sign and Symptoms from Thyroid Problems

Nov 10 2013 06:22 PM | puritanize in Thyroid Health

At least 1 in 10 people in their lifetime will have a thyroid problem of some sort. More than half of these people will not even know that they have a thyroid problem. So what are some of the most common symptoms of a thyroid problem? The feeling of b...

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Thyroid Diagram

Nov 10 2013 06:20 PM | puritanize in Thyroid Health

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