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Body becomes dependant on external hormones, how to fix conversion?

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#1 BatMan



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Posted 09 July 2018 - 02:15 AM

One thing I am critically aware of is I should never have been put on T4. Yes I had slight elevation in my anti bodies, but in reality 80 <60, I should have been told to look at lifestyle first I felt a little sluggish which is what I was complaining of. But had done ever since I got 20kg + over weight from eating 80% junk food and drinking  3 dozen beers every weekend for a decade or so. My Ft4 and Ft3 were better before I started than after a year of therapy and have gotten worse ever since (over the last 10 years) and my symptoms have only ever gotten worse.


So I went off thyroid therapy as I wasnt really feeling any better. Bad move. I put on 30kg. What I hadnt realised is the body becomes dependant on us feeding it external hormones, whether it be t4 or t3 or NDT.


Whilst my TSH and T4 if pretty bad off thyroid hormones, Im wondering, is there a way to stir them back into action and to fix the T4 to T3 conversion process (and RT3 issues along the way)?


My anti bodies are pretty much the same as they were when I first got tested, in fact 70 <60.


Any ideas?

9 years hashis


7 years on synthetics 160mcg, high t4, low t3, 3.5ish TSH etc.


Currently 210mg NDT (capsules) low t4, high t3, suppressed tsh: 0.01

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Posted Today, 11:57 AM

#2 Lovlkn


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Posted 09 July 2018 - 02:38 AM

Clean up your diet and see if that lowers the antibodies.  It may or may not work - antibodies can damage the thyroid so you may never be able to completely recover without thyroid hormones.

Free T-4 and Free T-3 are absolutely necessary to properly dose yourself.
My experience is that 1/2 - 3/4 of range is your goal for optimal treatment

My Journey... 7 years to receive a diagnosis. TT 2004 after 4.5 years on Tapazole that had to be adjusted monthly - endo ran labs every 4 weeks. Remission was never going to happen for me so I opted for surgery to remove. Final DX by surgeon was Hashitoxicosis, TPO antibodies over 2000 and TSI 316% within the year prior to surgery. I never had a ultrasound or any lab testing to rule out cancer - pathology was negative. Post surgery I was kept hypo for many years - until I figured out how to dose my self, relying on where I fell in the FT-4 and FT-3 labs. I run TSH below range due to positive TBII antibodies. Horrible time adjusting to addition of Cytomel = patience pays off when adding this drug to the mix.

The happy ending ---> Stable dose since 1/10 Unithroid 125mcg, Cytomel 12.5mcg - labs I can live with.

None of the information on is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information shared is based on my personal experiences and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult a physician before adjusting any medication.

#3 BatMan



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Posted 09 July 2018 - 06:22 AM

Hi Lovkin. Thanks. Im really well versed on the basics, after a decade with this thing haha. My diet is definitely good. Supplements cant hurt, selenium, zinc etc. I had a hair test done that said Im low on selenium. Not that I trust hair tests vs blood or urine etc.


It is possible my anti bodies damaged my thyroid but my gut feeling says no, not to the level I shouldnt be able to squeeze a healthy amount of t4 out of it. Currently producing FT4 7.0 (10-20). Which is converting to a FT3 of 4.1 which is really good conversion (3.5-6.0).


I want to try and reverse the dependency my body has on external hormones to do the work.


Im looking for more, how do we get our thyroids working again after they have become dependant on external hormones (which never helped lol)?

9 years hashis


7 years on synthetics 160mcg, high t4, low t3, 3.5ish TSH etc.


Currently 210mg NDT (capsules) low t4, high t3, suppressed tsh: 0.01

#4 WhatHappened


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Posted 20 July 2018 - 03:12 AM

I imagine you've checked out all the reverse or remission posts and diets, but that's a really tough question. Have you tried anything beyond the basics?


Not really an option for me, my thyroid is basically toasted, so nothing to heal, but T4/T3 is necessary and important. If you can't get it from diet as Lovkln suggested, I would imagine you are going to have to supplement it somehow, whether T4, T4, or something like Armour. 

Diagnosis: Hashimotos: 01/22/2016. Hypothyroid: 11/2015
RAIU: 6 hr. 1.5%, 24-hr 3.4% 12/2015: 
FNA: Negative
No cancer detected still.
All Ranges: TSH - 0.465-4.680 | FT4 - 0.78-2.19
11/15/2015: No Meds: TSH: 72.5 | FT4: <0.07 unmeasurable
11/23/2015: Med change: 25 mcg by PCP
11/24/2015: Med change: 50 mcg PCP Consulted with Endocrinologist
12/14/2015: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 62 | FT4: 0.3 
01/19/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 45 | FT4: 0.4 
01/23/2016: Med change: 100 mcg 
03/02/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 21.6 | FT4: 1.03 
03/03/2016: Med change: 125 mcg
05/06/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 10.3 | FT4: 0.95
05/18/2016: Med change: 137 mcg
08/29/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 6.79 | FT4: 1.24  
12/03/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 5.44 | FT4: 1.35 
12/03/2016: Med change:150 mcg 
03/16/2017: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 2.930 | FT4: ??
... intervening tests mostly the same
07/17/2018: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 2.13 | FT4: 1.39 



Due disclosure:

While many many women are affected by Hashimotos, a few guys are too!

So, my advice or comments or concerns and experiences come from a male perspective. (I'm a real boy, at least after I got to a decent dose of levo and the hair on legs and arms came back).

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