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#1 sivies


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Posted 04 May 2015 - 08:15 PM

Has anyone done the Autoimmune Protocol?

I bought a book outlining the whole thing with all the science about it. I also bought an AIP cookbook. It looks really daunting and overwhelming! The worse thing I saw was that I have to give up tomatoes! :(


Wondering how people have faired on it. Did you jump in cold turkey? Did you slowly get into it. I'm thinking that I might do better if I start taking things out slowly. Thinking it might be an easier transition. Curious as to what others have done.



History of allergies, dermatographism, flat curve glucose tolerance test. Family history of autoimmune disorders on both sides including Adult Onset Type I Diabetes, Hypothyroid, Hyperparathyroid, Psoriasis, and Ulcerative Colitis amongst family members.


Most current numbers:


TSH - 1.39 (different ranges in two different labs but Endo wants me at 1)

FT4 - .90 (.57-1.25)

FT3 - 3.5 (2.2-4.3)

AntiThyG - 4 (0-4)

Anti TPO - 550 (0-9)


Currently taking generic 25mcg Levothyroxine and 10 mcg Liothyronine

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Posted Today, 10:51 PM

#2 ECR



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Posted 30 September 2015 - 02:16 PM


The past couple of days I have been researching AIP.  You are right that it seems like a daunting task to be on the AIP 'diet'.  I would be interested what other people have done with this.  It is odd though, the stuff I have read, it says to eat spinach, broccoli & other dark leafy green vegetables.  But having Hashi's, I have been advised to stay away from that.




Keep us posted on how you are doing & any pointers you can give us.  

#3 nicolea



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Posted 26 October 2015 - 03:12 AM

Yes. While I'm not always strict, I find it easier than a lot of plans to follow. I do feel better. I go on and off, though, but I do keep certain recipes in my diet. I started slow...or I'm going slow. 


I've heard of people with Hashi's do better on this diet, actually. I looked into it because of the Thyroid Sexy Facebook page and also after I learned about the Paleo diet. 


Here is a Pinterest board (mine!) filled with alternative recipes. I eat most of those veggies cooked only. Anything else, I enjoy raw. I know I'll have to face some of those some time.


I also follow a few AIP blogs that are fun, easy, and some are even fancy. Like tonight, I made a soup that was an AIP copycat of the chicken and gnocchi from Olive Garden. 


It's not totally easy but over time--trust me I've failed many times--you'll learn to tailor it to your own needs. 

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