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Hypo and A/C

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#1 Snowflake



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Posted 17 July 2014 - 11:50 PM

In my previous life I never liked the heat of summer. Once I could manage it I got a car and house with air conditioning. Lucky me.

But beginning last summer the A/C was suddenly too cold. When I'd return home from someplace, my place would feel too warm. But as soon as the A/C kicks on I dive for a blanket. I can't get it adjusted to the right temp.

Worse is my car. Recently the low speed motor in the air system busted. Now all I have is High and Off. I can never get the air right.

A few weeks ago I drove across three states to go visit the folks. It is a good thing no one was with me. Every five minutes it was turn the A/C on, begin to freeze, turn it off. Then the sun would warm the car, so back on with the A/C. Minutes later, off again. Then on again. Off again. On again. Off. On. Off. On. Off. For 500 miles. I was driving myself crazy!

Can't wait for winter.
Don't let the muggles get you down.

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Posted Today, 12:40 AM

#2 itsacoverup



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Posted 17 May 2016 - 05:55 PM

This sounds exactly like me. Except I do it wit my low cool. On. Off. On. Off. And my kids think I'm crazy lol. At least I'm not the only one!

#3 WhatHappened


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Posted 20 July 2018 - 03:33 AM

lol... nope, not the only one by a long stretch smile.png

Diagnosis: Hashimotos: 01/22/2016. Hypothyroid: 11/2015
RAIU: 6 hr. 1.5%, 24-hr 3.4% 12/2015: 
FNA: Negative
No cancer detected still.
All Ranges: TSH - 0.465-4.680 | FT4 - 0.78-2.19
11/15/2015: No Meds: TSH: 72.5 | FT4: <0.07 unmeasurable
11/23/2015: Med change: 25 mcg by PCP
11/24/2015: Med change: 50 mcg PCP Consulted with Endocrinologist
12/14/2015: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 62 | FT4: 0.3 
01/19/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 45 | FT4: 0.4 
01/23/2016: Med change: 100 mcg 
03/02/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 21.6 | FT4: 1.03 
03/03/2016: Med change: 125 mcg
05/06/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 10.3 | FT4: 0.95
05/18/2016: Med change: 137 mcg
08/29/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 6.79 | FT4: 1.24  
12/03/2016: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 5.44 | FT4: 1.35 
12/03/2016: Med change:150 mcg 
03/16/2017: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 2.930 | FT4: ??
... intervening tests mostly the same
07/17/2018: [email protected] mcg: TSH: 2.13 | FT4: 1.39 



Due disclosure:

While many many women are affected by Hashimotos, a few guys are too!

So, my advice or comments or concerns and experiences come from a male perspective. (I'm a real boy, at least after I got to a decent dose of levo and the hair on legs and arms came back).

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