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Blood Tests

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Posted 16 June 2017 - 04:22 PM

Hi all


Been looking through various posts here and can see that some of you are able to determine things like Breathlessness or Anxiety to FT4 readings, i am suffering terrible breathlessness where i cant fill my lungs, not sure if im also suffering anxiety as its all i can think about what if this, what if that type of thing.. anyway long story short UK GP blood tests will only tests for TSH levels mine is at 22, however i have no idea of T3 T4 etc, worringly neither do the GPs and im told my breathlessness is anxiety.. pretty sure that this is NOT the case feeling so rubbish most definatly makes me anxious but not the other way around.


Seemingly a new day a new problem pains everywhere, stiff neck, constipation pains under ribs just to mention a few


Any idea how, or where in the UK i can get a full blood test done on results that matter such as T3, T4 RT4 etc. im guessing an Endocrine consultant, but at what point would the GP refer me

#2 KeepOnGoing


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Posted 17 June 2017 - 08:24 AM

Hello. I'm in the UK too. If your TSH is 22, then your GP should order Free T4 and Free T3 tests automatically, as it is way beyond the (ridiculous) recommended high.  My experience is that getting FT4 tested is relatively easy, but FT3 is extremely difficult. Basically, they should repeat the tests, doing all 3. But they will probably just do TSH and FT4. If FT4 is within range, they usually stop and don't do FT3. However, it is possible, if your doctor insists, to get FT3 done as well - I know because I take T3 and so get it tested each time.


It is possible to get them tested privately, but I would go back to your GP and ask what they are doing about that TSH. 22 would suggest that you are very hypothyroid. Even in the UK, they are supposed to do something about it when TSH is over 10.


Sorry, it is such a hassle getting treated in the UK...


Time, I think, to be awkward!

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